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Friday, 15 May 2009

The Spandex Questionnaire Number 6

Contribution from Stretchtight from Atlanta USA
Strechtight mentions a few websites that I have not heard of before - time to explore

1. What sparked your interest in Spandex?
I think comic books started it for me, seeing heroines with perfect bodies in skintight spandex costumes. What started my fetish was trying on unitards and tights that one of my dad's girlfriend's had lying around when I was 12. She was an aerobics instructor, and it was the 80's. :)

2. What are your spandex interests?
Nylon lycra spandex anything, but mainly unitards, zentais, tights, and any websites that shows women wearing them in photos or videos.

3. What is your favourite item of spandex clothing?
Right now it's my cheetah print zentai suit.

4. Are you into Zentais?
Of course, see above answers. :) I didn't get into them until later, not until my late 20's, and probably only because I didn't know they existed up to that point, otherwise it would have been much sooner.

5. What Spandex websites do you use?

6. What celebrity would you like to see in Spandex?
I'm not really into celebrities, but Megan Fox is a good one that comes to mind.

7. What is your spandex fantasy ?
I have many spandex fantasies, but they usually involve me in spandex with a woman (or women) along with some bondage and domination, or different variations of those.

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