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Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Spandex Questionnaire Number 10

Our contributor today is 'Lycra No Other' from Sydney Australia

1. What sparked your interest in Spandex?
The look, I love the shiny tight revealing look women have in them camel toe is great.

2. What are your spandex interests? e.g zentai, swimwear, website
Swimwear, Bike pants and I like going to and

3. What is your favourite item of spandex clothing?
My bike pants mainly My blue or my red ones.

4. Are you into Zentais? If so tell more
Not really but I do like some of the females I have seen in Zentais.

5. What Spandex websites do you use?

6. What celebrity would you like to see in Spandex
Ice t's wife Coco she wears it all the time anyway.

7. What is your spandex fantasy ?
For My Fiance to wear it She wont but I would love it if She did.

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