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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Spandex and Lycra - Come on England !!!! Match 3

We are still hopeful at Legwearuk that England may struggle into the last 16. The vuvuzelas are being blown in the office and we will close down at 3pm today for 90 minutes. Our prediction is 2-0!!! Good luck to our German readers we will be cheering you on too. Have a shiny day everyone


  1. Slovenia 0:1 England
    USA 1:0 Algeria

    USA wins Group C and will face Ghana! Good luck against Germany!

  2. We will need it

    USA did very well and they can beat Ghana

  3. I know, Chris. We have a little chip on our shoulder from four years ago, as Ghana beat us in the last match in '06 and sent us home with just one point.

    And how about that sequence in the 91st minute? Howard with the save on an easy header, basketball-style outlet pass to Donovan on a basketball-style fastbreak, to Altidore, to Dempsey, denied again, but Donovan there to pick up Mbohdi's trash.

    Also, both of the '06 finalists are out! France basically quit, and Italy was embarassed by Slovakia.