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Friday, 3 September 2010

Spandex Sundays

We found this intriguing link to a 2008 club event called Spandax Sundays. The advertising slogan was
"Life is better when your clothes stretch"
We quite like that one. We would love to know more and if the event is still running.

Expect to see: Spandex, Beautiful People, Spandex, Topless People, Spandex, Flourescent WarPaint, Spandex, Sunglasses, and more Spandex

Expect to Hear: Elecktro beats by DJ Nick Cohen

Quite Possibly the most fun you can have.

For reservations: 212 645 0018
Privacy Type:Open: All content is public..Contact Info
.Website: Kingswood LoungeLocation:121 West 10th Street (b/w 6th and Greenwich Ave)
New York, NY.

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