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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

5 Reasons Why Spandex is the best material in the world

1. SHINY - Nothing can compare to the look of spandex when it is worn in natural daylight
2. THE FEEL - While Latex and PVC look alluring their feel and touch is too harsh. spandex has the ideal combination of shine and a soft feel.
3. SUPERHEROES If superheroes chose to wear Spandex doesn't that give a message to the human race?
4. WORKING OUT Even your blogger can be motivated to attend the gym if there is a promise of a spandex clad rear to look forward to
5. INDIVIDUALISM We all read the fashion articles on blogs or in magazines where they decry Spandex. You can keep your over priced designer outfits by bespectacled fashion designers, you can keep your fashionable frankly boring and unsexy but so fashionable clothes. Spandex wearers know they are wearing the coolest and sexiest clothes

.... and we have not even mentioned Zentais yet



  1. Amen to Point 2!
    The only thing that **might** resemble the lycra feel, could be a tight neoprene suit, specially the ones that are used for freediving when used **in** water.
    But, then again, they are way to bulky compared to plain ole lycra, and the tighter they are, the more restrictive they feel.

  2. I will have to investigate those

  3. Look for Tanya Streeter's videos or pictures of her infamous silver wetsuit.
    Or take a look at the photo on this post on my blog: