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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Spandex Video - Leopard Leotard

Our last video led to a record number of visitors - so - why not lets treat you spandex fans to another of our videos. Please remember that by clicking on the adverts around the blog you help to keep us going.


  1. Nice! Let me be a little snooty (just a little ;) )
    Isn't this actually a swimsuit, instead of a leotard?

  2. How dare you :-) This is actually a thong leotard - we sell them on ebay and the website. We will be posting more videos as our readership has shot up since we posted them.

  3. Call me old fashion, but I prefer a nice photo; specially compared with a pixelated low res Youtube video; but, hey, that's me.
    If video, I prefer something that I can easily download, like, for instance, the previews you post at Shiny Videos.