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Monday, 6 December 2010

Classic Spandex Aerobics Look


  1. This is so amazing! Are you gonna release a video of this one? The leggings are out of this world, a thing from the past (in the good sense).

  2. More photos of this shoot Please :D

  3. By "video" I meant one of those like the ones you offer thru the Shiny Videos site; not the small, pixelated YouTube-like videos that you have been posting here ;)

  4. I dont run the shinyvideos site but I am good friends with the guy who does. My youtube videos are really used to sell my goods via ebay.

    I really appreciate all your feedback

  5. My sincere apologies, I thought you were Shiny Videos.
    And once again, the leggings (and of course the model) are amazing.