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Monday, 28 October 2013

Black Footed Spandex Leggings available at Legwearuk


  1. Fab to have a blog dedicated to spandex...
    but hang on a minute... this is a uk based blog
    and the UK word is Lycra....
    spandex is the American term !

  2. we need a spandex/lycra fashion show..
    a big weekend in London
    it could be one amazing show !

  3. a spandex/lycra fashion show would be amazing but how about a lycra lovers meet up. I can arrange everything ie. venue, music etc.. a place where like minded people can share their passion for lycra,spandex,tights, disco pants and so on.. what do you think??? I'm very serious about this and I'm based in London.

    Only issue I can see is it has to be equal numbers of guys and girls... will be hard to get the ladies interested. .. This is where I need help.....