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Monday, 8 June 2009

The Spandex Questionnaire Number 9

Leo from Liverpool provides us with today's interview.
1. What sparked your interest in Spandex?

I always loved seeing girls wearing spandex gym outfits and when I was about 12 felt a real urge to try wearing my mums capri gymi leggings. When everyone was out I secretly tried them on - they were really tight and shiny and felt amazing to wear. Since then Ive been hooked on wearing lycra though its still a bit of a secret fetish for me.

2. What are your spandex interests?
Wearing any kind of spandex and seeing girls wearing it are both a real turn on.
3. What is your favourite item of spandex clothing?
Love my tight shiny black catsuit. Being covered in all that lycra feels amazing.

4. Are you into Zentais?
I have not yet tried zentai. Not sure about covering my face and all, but want to give it a go sometime as they do look pretty cool.
NB Legwearuk will be stocking zentais with an open face in a couple of weeks.

5. What Spandex websites do you use?

6. What celebrity would you like to see in Spandex?

The tennis player Anna Ivanovic, she is a great looking girl and has a nice body that deserves to be wrapped up in tight lycra!

7. What is your spandex fantasy ?
A world where all women wear lycra all day long and I get to wear it outside with them without being sneered at.

Thanks Leo - if you would like to see your views on this blog please email us at and we will forward you the questions.