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Friday, 12 June 2009

Strictly Come Dancing Ban Catsuits

Tagic news below means we will not be seeing a repeat of Ola Jordan in her leopard skin catsuit.

STRICTLY Come Dancing bosses have banned the female stars from wearing catsuits - after they all demanded one.
The wardrobe department was overwhelmed with requests for the skin-tight all-in-ones after Ola Jordan triumphed wearing one dancing with Andrew Castle.
A source on the BBC1 show said: "In the end we had to tell them no one could have one, or they'd all have ended up wearing the same outfit.
"The last few weeks have been absolutely hectic with all the stars demanding last minute alterations to their frocks to make them look slimmer, leggier and bustier.
"It's caused absolute carnage backstage - not to mention a lot of bitching."

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