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Friday, 10 July 2009

How to persuade your girlfriend to pose in a zentai

This entry is shamefully borrowed from the zentai forum;

Thanks to the poster Zetaill for this

how do you persuade your girlfrind or a model to pose in a zentai?

Here are some does and donts :

Do :

  • Have a clear photo/video project in mind with scenario, technique, timing, expected result, etc.

  • Explain that project to her clearly with technical details

  • Show similar work you like and she could be proud of modelling

  • Introduce zentai as a "special effect" prop, this must not be the main subject of your project

  • Have a perfect, professionnal shooting approach. Prepare everything carefully (including some water or orange juice for her)

  • Show how a zentai works, make jokes, find it funny, admit it can be strange for her to wear it

  • Reassure her on her look

  • Focus on HER image, the graphical result

  • Show her beautiful results that make her feel like do it again and her friends jealous

  • Be patient. A first "no" is never definite...

  • Girls with some ballet or contemporary dance experience are used to wearing tightfitting outfits and they may produce better image results.

Don't :

  • Focus on wearing a zentai

  • Be vague in your intentions

  • Have a messy shooting organization

  • Attach too much importance on the event

  • Make it solemn

  • Force her wearing a hood if she does not want to

  • Put a sexual/sex appeal dimension in wearing a zentai

  • Try to seduce your model

  • Show yourself in zentai to start with

  • Show a zentai turns you on

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