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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Why Spandex is superior to PVC !!

Five reasons why Lycra/spandex is superior to PVC

1. Feel
Lycra has a softer silkier feel than PVC which can be very cold to the touch. PVC can look good but is always disappointing to touch.
2. Ease to put on

If you have ever waited for someone to put on a pvc outfit you will understand this point. I have even witnessed people puttong flour down PVC suits to let the wearer get their legs into a suit. Lycra could not be simplier to put on.

3. Cost.
A PVC Catsuit can cost up to £200 to but while a top notch Lycra Catsauit can be bought for £39.99. Five times the value.

4. Natural Shine

PVC Catsuits need constant attention with polishing and shining. Lycra never loses its shine

5. Body Enhancing.

Because it is a naturally stretchy material Lycra will always enhance a persons figure unlike PVC.

5-0 to Lycra

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