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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Article about Spandex Pants

We are not sure we agree with all the sentiments in the article below but at least its good to see Spandex being discussed

Spandex Pants - They've Come a Long Way
By Chuck Chass

Spandex pants have come a long way over the past few years. Decades ago they were mainly used as exercise apparel and were not really suitable for regular uses, but today plenty of standard styles of pants are made with spandex. The material itself is very light and comfortable, making it perfect for pants.

When most people think of the term "spandex pants" the first thing that comes to mind is those tights that everyone seemed to wear in the 1980's. They were brightly colored, often had obnoxious designs, and clung to the lower body like they were a part of the person wearing them. They are certainly not that today, though those types of styles are still on the market.

The interesting thing about today's spandex pants is that they come in just about any style you can imagine. Any pant style that you have in your closet, you can likely made of spandex -- though jeans are not made of spandex, obviously.

What is the furthest variation from the original style is actually the wide-legged pant that is so popular these days. Many of these are made of spandex because they flow so beautifully when the woman wearing them is walking. This is the effect that has also made them so popular in so many other styles, though with the wide-legs it is especially obvious and quite attractive.

A type that is not too far from the original is actually the slim-legged style. These types of pants have slimming legs that do not cling to the body, but are rather close. These are the closest thing to the originals that are stylish these days and they are often just as comfortable as the wide-legged varieties.

Something worth mentioning is that many of the styles of pants made of spandex that are available today are actually black. This makes them all have a slimming look to the wearer, and also gives them a nice sheen. This makes them great for slightly formalwear as opposed to simply casual, though they work well in either situation.

You can find these types of pants at most retailers -- you may be surprised at the amount of spandex styles are available today. You may also be surprised at just how many pants are made of the material. The tag on the inside tells all, and often that tag tells you that black sleek pants are indeed made of spandex.

These new styles are certainly a far cry from the loudly-colored spandex pants of decades past. So much so that they can barely be recognized as being the same material. But don't worry: even if you liked the old style, it is still around in most clothing stores as well.

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