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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Spandex - A Traded Commodity ?

It had never occured to your blogger before that 'spandex' is actually a commodity traded on financial markets especially in China. In 2008 china produced 312.1 thousand Tons of spandex compared to 25.1 thousand tons in 2001. spandex has other uses apart from our bleoved zentais and catsuits but we most be helping to fuel this market.

For those interested here is yesterday's 'Spandex Market Report'

Published: 02 Feb 2010 20:48:14 PST

CCF Spandex Price Index
Spandex 20D: 72,000yuan/mt 
Spandex 30D: 62,000yuan/mt 
Spandex 40D: 52,000yuan/mt

Demand from spandex market slid these days, however, as some plants are building up stocks for the holidays, transactions in the spandex market were still not bad and spot supply was a bit tight. Presently the spandex market held stable with a few goods offering a high price, especially spandex 20D. Several brands still adjusted their prices higher.

Spinners reduced their operating rate recently and most plants were planning to start holiday, only a few plants would continue their production.

In Xiaoshan and Shaoxing, the operating rate of air covered yarn market slid substantially, as workers were eager to go back home and some plants had started holidays. Currently, air covered yarn plants were overall utilized at around 30-60%.


  1. i love colourfull lycr outfits!! nice pic!!

  2. Great site...I noticed you were over to mine! I'll be posting vintage leotards on my blog until I photographed everyone of them in my collection--about 300!