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Sunday, 29 November 2009

How to Photograph Spandex - Part Two

Thanks again to our regular photographer for writing this for us. He and his company have been taking photos for us for over two years now and come highly recommended. If you want contact details please email us at

Most models are keen to be photographed in lycra or spandex type outfits, with photographing the ladies there are always parts of there own bodies they feel they don’t want to show are so sometimes feel that certain garments are not really for them. Hot pants are probably the hardest garment for a model if she feel lacking in the thighs or bum area. Guys will approach a shoot very professionally however most feel that wouldn’t show the images to there best friend or family.

Possibly the three top tips to successful outcome in a shoot would be getting the garment and girl matched, that is making sure the colour of the outfit is in contract to the girls hair and of course its properly sized so there are no baggy areas with under arms and inner thighs.
Preparation is also key so that there are no surprises. A white outfit would not show up against a white background and to have a smooth running order help maintain confidence in the model.
The third major tip is to make sure that the models are relaxed and that their own welfare is as important as anything else. That maybe that they feel they can trust the photographer that images that don’t work are never seen, that accidents in the working environment are avoided by common sense practices and for most there own levels of modelling are never compromised or even suggested.

Easy mistake to make is really covered within preparation. Have camera settings from a previous shoot is probably my favourite, the wrong sensitivity settings is always a bugbear, you should never rely on the preview screen at the rear of the camera and the wrong focussing settings where is that you think focus is sharp but has wandered a little.

Being asked who I’d love to photograph is probably a really difficult question. There are so many attractive celebrities out there but there are a few. Being in the Granada region for TV, I would love to photograph some of the weather girls on local news, such as Jo Blyth (ITV Granada) and Eno Eruotor (BBC North West) who I think wears some stunning outfits and has a great sense of style. Rachel Phillips (ITV) is someone I have already encountered at Aintree Racecourse so she would be on this list if she hasn’t already been camera fodder! On the national scene the blonde I would love to photograph would be Becky Mantin (ITV National Weather) and for darker hair Kirsty Duffy (my all time favourite) who is now the booth girl on The Wright Stuff (Five) and Georgie Thompson (Sky Sports News) but don’t tell Ant & Dec, I guess I must watch too much television.

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