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Sunday, 15 November 2009 - New Spandex video

There is a great new spandex video from our friends at Many of our blog followers love 'Spandex Disco Jeans' and this new video features two pairs being worn by Nati. describe the video as such:

Mmmm Nati in Spandex... At last!

In this video Nati enjoys wearing various Spandex Leotards, Catsuits, Disco Jeans & Dresses Just for you!

Nati starts the video inside wearing a very tight & shiny Blue Spandex Dress, it was donated to her by a customer & she looks fantastic in it. She is trying things out to go out on a night out... What do you think? She then goes out into her garden to pose & enjoy how the dress feels.

The next outfit she tries on is a pair of Red Spandex Disco Jeans, again posing in the garden for you to enjoy, she bends over, poses & explains how the jeans feel & what she thinks about them... she loves them!

Thong Leotard & Cycle shorts... how 80s... Nati carries them off perfectly. She poses in her bedroom befre getting on her exercise bike to work up a sweat. I love the look of the red leo over the top of the green shorts.

Do you want to see Nati in a Catsuit? - A lot of people did so here we are, Nati in a Gold & White vaulting catsuit, she is still in her bedroom which means she can pose on the bed, giving you a great view of her head to toe in spandex, look how the catsuit clings to her bum & that cheeky smile!

More Disco Jeans... :-) This time Nati has some fun outside in a black pair with some interesting purple zebra markings & a pair of very shiny gold ones too! A must for Spandex Jean Lovers.

Towards the end of the video we get Nati outside in some Leotards....

Firstly a wetlook yellow one outside, which she does her gymnastic exercises in, forward rolls, stretches & wheel jumps... The leotard fits her so perfectly, you can see every line of her body. Once she is warmed up she then gets on her exercise bike again to work up a sweat, whats better than watching a sexy girl on a bike in spandex?

Next up is a Purple Reebok Leotard, its a bit small this one & only just covers Nati's modesty, ever the trooper she still puts on a great show! You will love this scene!

The Final scene features Nati in a Black Thong back Leotard, outdoors once again, showing off how great she looks in anything tight & shiny

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