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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Behind The Spandex Sites -

Eirk from

What is the purpose of your website?
Shinyuploads is an online sharing/community site for people that love woman in shiny clothes.
The website has been split in 2 parts:
a shared gallery (Shinyuploads)
a forum (Shinyforums)

What made you start up your website?
Well, I started this website in 2004 because there was no good community/sharing site for people that love women in shinyclothing such as spandex and latex. For myself, I like women in spandex more then women in latex but latex is in second place. I started to build the website with an approval system in it to keep the images that are uploaded are related to the website topic 'Women in Shiny Clothing'. Now we use it also to filter images that are blacklisted and to prevent complete set uploads from paysites.

What are your future plans for your website?

Well thats a good question. Currently we have 140.000 unique visitors a week that produce 680.000 hits. We can't grow any more because our server can't handle more visits above the 150.000 a week so the first thing is upgrade the server. Next year there will be a new design and some new features but I can't tell anyone about that now.

How many members do you have?
In april we had 10546 members on shinyuploads but something terrible happened. The user table in the database became corrupt. We tried to fix it but the repair destroyed the complete database.
10546 members (on Shinyuploads before the database crash on 25th april 2009)3013 members (Reregistered on Shinyuploads after the crash. We are still recovering the accounts)5813 members (

What has given you most satisfaction from your website?
The warm responses from people that are happy to see shinyuploads online. Not only just from visitors but also from webmasters of paysites that are happy with the traffic from shinyuploads (through the banners on the website ). But I have to say that shinyuploads is not run by me alone. Every member, moderator, and other admins are the key to this project. Without them this site will be nothing. I'm just a programmer that build it and put some of his money in his hobby. A hobby may cost some money and it is good to have a hobby that makes everyone happy.

Can you give three lessons to those starting up a website?
1. Make a good plan. Don't make something that already exsist, except you can make it better then there is.
2. Listen to your visitors or have a process of finding out what people want.
3. Build a good network with other webmasters. Be honest, Be helpful.

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