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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Behind The Spandex Sites -

Stivvi from gives us an insight into his great website

What is the purpose of your website?
To provide top quality spandex clothing, amateur spandex fetish videos and free spandex galleries

What made you start up your website?
A lot of our customers who purchase our videos have asked where we buy our spandex catsuits and zentais from, we now can sell the videos and the spandex suits we use in one great website.

What are your future plans for your website?
To add more great spandex clothing and make more spandex related videos. We are aiming to open an adult spandex fetish website selling more xrated spandex vids.

How many members do you have?

We do not have members as such, we only have customers. Our site is not a members site.

What has given you most satisfaction from your website?
The great feedback from our satisfied customers and the ones who come back to us to satisfy their fetish.

Can you give three lessons to those starting up a website?

1. Think of a good name. This is one of the more important things.
2. Think hard on what you are trying to sell. Do some research in the niche you are involved in.
3. Do not be dissapointed if nothing happens for a while. Websites can take months or years to be established. Do not lose heart just keep at it. (also try to keep your overheads as low as poss!!!)


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  2. A great website from stivvi and his spandex babe julie. Check this site out folks, you'll love it! :-)