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Friday, 22 May 2009

New Swimsuit Video from

We have been sent details of a new lycra swimsuit video from the people at

Looking at the photos I think I need a swim in a cold pool to calm down.

We hope to bring you a review of this video at a later date.

Swimsuit Heaven have just launched their newest Video, a Girl Swimsuit Video, featuring Nati & ToniLou.Its the first Video Shinyvideos have filmed with 2 girls and the idea seems to have paid off.The video is based around them choosing which swimsuits to take on holiday with them, you always see on the TV and in the films girls trying on different clothes and asking their mates what they think, so we went one step furtherand got Nati and ToniLou to try on swimsuits and see what each other thought.
They talk about how shiny, tight and the feel of the swimsuits, also discussing the high or low leg cuts, whether their boobs and bums look better in which swimsuit and eventually choosing a favourite swimsuit. They also have a pillow fight after ToniLou says Nati's Bum looks huge and they even get the swimsuits wet to see how they would look coming out of the pool.Its swimsuit fan's heaven watching 2 cute girls chat and wear swim suits, with a slight voyeur edge. The video is very realistic shot in a friends flat without the use of a studio and the girls are very natural.The full video is 1hr 20mins long which includes 6 scenes with both Nati and ToniLou and a couple of solo scenes, there is no nudity and is great fun.
You can see pictures from the video at
and you can download the free sample video from
(You will need the divx codec to play the video

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