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Friday, 1 May 2009

The Spandex Questionnaire Number 2

The Spandex Questionnaire Number 2

Rawy from has answered our questionnaire

1. What sparked your interest in Spandex?

Seeing girls do PE in black shiny cycle shorts at High School.

2. What are your spandex interests?

I run, an amateur spandex and Swimsuit video download website. I enjoy seeing sexy women in shiny spandex & one piece swimsuits.

3. What is your favourite item of spandex clothing?

Anything wetlook, particularly like highneck long sleeved wetlook leotards or highneck wetlook swimsuits like a speedo s2000.

4. Are you into Zentais?

No I prefer to see the woman's head & face when looking at spandex.

5. What Spandex websites do you use?

6. What celebrity would you like to see in Spandex ?

Oooh thats a hard one... I'm not really into celebs

7. What is your spandex fantasy ?

Having fun with a sexy lass in a tight shiny catsuit...

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