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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Behind The Spandex Sites -

Rawy from gives us the background to his great website

What is the purpose of your website? was made to sell amateur spandex and swimsuit videos that we had filmed ourselves.

What made you start up your website?
We could not find good high quality long length adult and non nude spandex & swimsuit videos anywhere. So we decided to start making our own and selling them to other spandex & swimsuit loving people.

What are your future plans for your website?
To make more videos which cover different areas of the spandex & swimsuit fetishes. For example we have:
  • A two girl swimsuit video in the planning stage
  • An Adult Spandex video filmed ready to be edited
  • An adult M/F swimsuit video in the early planning stage
  • Also possibly looking to setup an exclusive members only site
How many members do you have?
We don't really have any members but we have over 100 satisfied customers and a great group of fans and friends who buy my videos.

What has given you most satisfaction from your website?
Been able to make people's dreams and fantasies come true. We offer a service where we will make a custom video or custom scene for a customer who wants a particlular thing doing in a video. We have made lots of people happy whether it be crying in leotards, adidas shorts & shiny boots or just saying a name & saying Hi whilst wearing a particular outfit.

Can you give three lessons to those starting up a website?
  1. Don't do it unless you are offering something unique or you can offer something better than the competition.
  2. Traffic = Sales, if people don't visit your site they won't buy your items.
  3. Be kind & fair, offer people what they want but also offer lots of freebies to entice people to visit you site.

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